Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boost Your Relationship!

One of the greatest ways to ameliorate depression is by working positively to create strong relationships around you. The support of underestanding friends and family mean a great deal to someone experiencing depression, but good relationships don't just happen by accident. They require work, love and care.
Sadly, when someone is in the throes of depression, they can seem self-centred and selfish; concerned only about their dark thoughts and sad feelings and unable to emphathise or be happy for those around them.
A good antidote for this is to make a point of being supportive to your loved ones when the depression is held at bay; they'll be more tolerant then if the 'black dog' rebounds into your life. It's fair to say, though, that good relationships, sharing pleasant activities, and always having something to look forward to, or even just someone who'll go for coffee with you and listen even when you're not good company, are good ways to fight depression.
Here's a linbk to an article with some interesting tips on how to keep your most primary relationship - husband, wife, partner - fresh and happy. These include such modern advice as cutting down on social networking addictions and being supportive of your partner's hopes and dreams, to age old remedies such as enjoying intimacy and spending quality time together.
Here's the link to the article, which is titled Ten Secrets of Super Happy Couples:


  1. I recently read a reprinted column by a long-deceased contributor to our local newspaper, THE TIMES PICAYUNE. Dorothy Dix presented her ten rules for happiness. I especially loved Number 7. "Keep in circulation. Go around and meet people. Belong to clubs." God bless her!

  2. Wise words indeed! Sometimes the moments when we least want to mingle are the times we most need our friends. Thank you for dropping by and sharing this!