Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are You A Best Friend To Your Best Friend?

I've often said that friends are so important for someone coping with depression - scroll down to my
blog about how you can't have too many friends :-) - but all too often, when we think about friends, we think about what WE want.

Think about it, though - is that really what friendship is about?

Like any relationship, true friendship depends on mutual benefits, with the emphasis on the mutual. Sure we all have friends where the relationship is one-sided, but these are not the friends we call on when we really need someone, and vice-versa. They're also the least likely to be there when we need them!

The problem with being depressed is that sometimes a person is needy but not able to give back. If a friend calls and says she wants to see a movie but doesn't want to go alone, you might be tempted to say you're feeling down and don't feel like going out. Yet sometimes a time-out when you can go outside yourself for a while is just what you need to help you rise above the depression. Think about that the next time someone needs you.

If you're married or in a significant relationship, then there's one person who really needs your friendship - and whose friendship you really need!

Angeline M. Bishop has a great blog about how to create a best friend relationship with your partner, and her list of things you would look for in a best friend is really worth reading - and applying to yourself.

Click here to read her blog now at Angeline M Bishop Official Website.

Meanwhile, cherish your friends, especially those very close to you, and the light they bring into your life!

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